Why Allen?

Plenty of property management apps exist already so why build Allen? Simply enough, it’s to solve this problem:

Q: “What is the hardest part of managing your own rentals?”

A: “Maintenance requests!”

This is also the problem we had personally that got us started looking for software to help. It’s the only part of the rental management process you cannot schedule, but can interrupt your day at any time. Unfortunately, the only apps we could find were glorified excel sheets. They don’t solve our biggest pain point - dealing with service requests in an automated way.


Just like cars are starting to use co-pilot until full automation is possible, Allen will automate much of property management process with your guiding help. We’re starting small by automating the basics around service provider dispatching for you. We will quickly move to payments, renter placement, and scheduling. Eventually, you will have the option to hand over full control to Allen on auto-pilot as we learn to automate more processes.

Safety and Quality

How does the co-pilot make decisions? There are many directions to take with this. Many types of requests will come in from tenants. Some requests may be minor and unnecessary to fix. But Allen will tend to fix them anyways. Allen is built to value safety and quality for both the lessor and lessee over pinching pennies by avoiding repairs that you may feel could be ignored. We will err on the side of over-fixing. This obviously is better for the tenant, because they have their issues fixed quickly and without debate. We find that it also actually makes more sense for the property owner as well for a few reasons:

  1. This makes your tenants happy, so fosters a great relationship between you and your tenant. There is no reason for this relationship to be hostile, which only causes stress for both sides. Happy tenants will also stay in the property longer, meaning you spend less time finding new tenants or dealing with vacancies.

  2. If you try to be cheap in the short term, you will likely cause greater long term damage. Avoid fixing some leaky pipes today and you’ll have expensive flooding and mold damage later when those pipes burst.

How it works

We are not a property management company, this is DIY property management! We will not hire workers to manage your property and call vendors on your behalf. Allen is an assistant helping you manage your properties yourself. Because we don’t incur the cost of a large staff supporting your properties, we don’t need to charge you very much. Certainly nowhere close to the 10% taken by traditional property management companies.

While we would love to be free, we want to avoid the privacy invading techniques that come with an ad based model and lead to the intrusive systems that Google and Facebook have become. Therefore we charge a small fee to use our app and service. You pay for the product, instead of you being the product. We think this is a good tradeoff.

If you agree, join us today!