The purpose of the Allen Bot is to remove friction from the daily events that happen in the lives of property owners and tenants.

Allen automatically assigning a servicer

Helping tenants

Lets start with the tenants. How do we help them? With a simple and painless app that lets them report any issue with as few taps, clicks, or keys as possible. Chat between tenants and property managers should be just as easy as starting a text message, except those text messages get lost and property owners easily lose track of them, meaning your request takes longer to resolve. Allen is text messaging with a nice wrapper, specific to the activities that take place around property management. So with a few buttons pressed, a description filled out, and maybe a quick video or picture, your request is underway!

The best part, your property owner can give you easy updates, specific to that request, so you can follow along with progress.

Helping property owners

Now for the property owner, similar ideas apply! It’s also as easy as texting, but now when a text comes in, it can be automatically routed to a service provider you trust for that category of issue.

For the property owner, we look at all the steps typically involved in managing a property, and we start eliminating!

Our first big step to eliminate, the need to type out an email to the service provider you know needs to handle the issue.

If your tenant has an issue with their toilet, what will you do? You will call or email or text your plumber and ask them to go out to investigate. Instead of doing this manually, Allen already knows the category of request from a mix of questions to the tenant and machine learning on the description, images, and videos. So Allen can generate and send that email for you, eliminating that step!

Allen automatically generating a request to a provider

Most property owners are not full time property managers. They have other jobs. It can be extremely disruptive to get a call in the middle of the work day about an issue at a property. Only to hear the description, figure out which of your trusted service providers needs to take a look, then call them and tell them to head out. Why do we accept manually dealing with a process that can be simply automated? We shouldn’t!

Give the Allen Bot a shot and try out this workflow, a huge amount of effort has gone into building this routing system and we hope it will work to make everyone’s lives easier.