The day has finally come! Allen has just launched today on iOS, go check it out in the App Store. The Android app will be launching in the coming weeks, with web following shortly behind that. Hurray!

Inspiration for Allen struck a few years back, after repeatedly doing the same process over and over again. A tenant would email me with a service request, which I would forward to my service provider, who would respond back asking about scheduling times, and on and on with me as the pointless middleman! Expect a deeper post on this next, with a guide on how Allen helps solve this problem for you. I did not want to spend my time as a pointless middleman, and saw a very obvious workflow to automate.

Allen could have been a simple email extension, but email is too cluttered. With even a few properties, it’s easy to lose track of all the tenants, their messages, messages from servicers, what needs follow-up, what needs to be paid, and what needs to be scheduled.

We use apps for everything else in our lives, and an app felt like the best interface to Allen. Certainly better than paper records, better than a bunch of random emails, better than an excel spreadsheet. And with a smart server, Allen can analyze requests and make routing decisions for you.

So why not be lazy and pay a property management company 10% to manage things for you? Because we’re not lazy and value our dollars. After all, we’re likely renting out our properties for passive side income! And this is where Allen comes into play. Allen tries to make that passive income as passive as possible, without handing things off to a 3rd party. This is DIY property management, but it’s not just you. Allen is there by your side, and will try to handle more and more of your workflows as we continue to build out features.

We’re still in the early stages of development, so try things out and let me know immediately if anything is wrong or if you have ideas for workflows you would love to see automated at (support sounds fancy, but there is only one person behind Allen at the moment and I’ll be reading everything :D)